We are MIMO

What we are planning

Our concept: An extension of Café Ada in Wuppertal

What we are building

Our life size model: The HDU at the final of the competition SDE21/22

We are MIMO. One of 18 teams participating in the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22. In the contest we extend the roof of Café Ada with residential area.

Our motto is: ‹Minimal Impact – Maximum Output. We only want to intervene minimally, but create maximum benefit for the community.

Get to know our project.


Eike talked at 2nd Long Night of Politics

Eike in the Podcast Geistig Unbewaffnet

MIMO takes part in Climate Strikes 2021

Exhibition of the SDE21/22 Models

The Teams meet at SDE21/22 Workshop

WDR reports about SDE21/22

Video of the Construction of our Model

Eike Musall on TV about Urban Climate

Online-Talks around Wood: Auf Holz Bauen

Deliverable #4 successfully delivered

Düsseldorf’s Mayor Keller speaks to us

We’ve built a Model of our House Concept

The Results of Stadtradeln 21

First meeting of two SDE21/22 teams

MIMO at the Student Energy Conference
of HRW

We’ve found a Place at SDE21 in Wuppertal

Team Meeting: ‹Easter-Beer›

We talk at ODH Lunchtime

Deliverable #3 successfully delivered

The Magazine Sonnen­energie writes about SDE21 and us

TV appearance on WDR by Eike Musall

Our House was selected for Living Lab NRW

Workshop: Room Comfort

Meet & Greet of the SDE21 Teams

Deliverable #2 successfully delivered

Agreement signed with the organizer of SDE21

BMWi funding application approved

Interview on SDE21

Team MIMO Workshop

Team MIMO successful in STADTRADELN

Solar Decathlon 21 postponed

Sponsors: EA.NRW & Passive­house Institute


We are online!

Deliverable #1 successfully delivered

SDE21 Virtual Workshop #1

Temporary closure of our university

HSD at Solar Decathlon Europe 21

Excursion to Wuppertal Mirke and Café Ada

We apply for the Solar Decathlon Europe 21