Our House Demonstration Unit (HDU) presents our concept of the extension of Café Ada to the public. The HDU is a fully functional building: It is supplied with electricity and water and thereby generates a proper habitable space. The climate shell as well gains energy from solar radiation. We are going to present our HDU to the public at the final of SDE21/22.

The HDU is neither the whole structure nor a direct extract of our design for the extension of Café Ada. It is a model which follows the concept of our original design, including the perception of construction, appearance and energy performance.

MIMO Energy Concept Isometric
EnergiBus HDU

Public Tours


At the final of the SDE21/22 we offered Public Tours through our HDU. Unfortunately the final of SDE21 is already over. But you can still find the information, we presented in our app online. Furthermore you can tour the houses digitally.

Renderings of our HDU

Exterior view of the HDU from Team MIMO for the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 in Wuppertal, Germany.