Photos: House Demonstration Unit


The Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 is over. The houses are closed to the public. All that remains are the memories and – luckily – some really nice photos shot by team MIMO and Marvin Hillebrand.

This House Demonstration Unit is is a representative extract of our concept for the addition of storeys on Café Ada. It is a fully functional building for 4 residents. You can find more information on our HDU here.

  • Stacking of glue-free solid wood modules
  • Climate shell generates energy from solar radiation inside the building
  • Efficient energy usage with our energiBUS-system
  • Compact living space
  • Communal usage of spaces and offers
  • Urban Gardening
Area (gross)100m²
Individual living area43m²
Communal area60m²
Number of living units1–2
Number of residents4