The finals are coming closer

The preparations for the finals do not only include the production of the HDU components but also various other activities:

After most of the team members have completed a first aid course, now they have to be trained for the operations on the construction site as well as for safety purposes. During the training, the participants have to familiarise themselves with their personal protective gear which is mostly sponsored by our partner LEG Immobilien SE. Moreover, the participants are being instructed in how to use the tools that will be used on the construction site. Those are mostly supplied by the Zech group.

Concerning our partners, we are always valuing a close exchange. After visiting our partner Erco, in May we are going to receive a factory tour from our partner Grohe in Hemer.

These past months, the public relations team has done an awesome job. From designing a team uniform and building up a cooperation with kindergartens in Wuppertal to organising a Germany-day for the German teams. The participating kindergartens will plant and grow numerous plants together with some of our team members. Those will then be placed on the terrace of the HDU. Through that, the children can learn more about «Urban Gardening». Furthermore, we are hoping to welcome young families from Wuppertal at our HDU as their children can find their own contribution there. The Germany-day will take place on the 19th of June together with the German award on wooden structure (deutscher Holzbaupreis). Together with 6 more German teams, our intention is to present German culture and architecture particularly to the international guests.

The results of the last two years can be viewed on the 10th of June 2022 in Wuppertal.