AR-Apps of our Vision

At the final of Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 people were able to experience our vision for the extension of Café Ada with two Augmented Reality Applications, which we developed in cooperation between the faculties of media, engineering, architecture and design.

The first one is an app which demonstrates the functionality of our energi-BUS System. The demonstration begins with the virtual opening of the refrigerator, which thereby loses energy. The explanation is additionally provided by text and voice recording in individual steps. Augmented reality makes it possible to make the invisible, visible and understandable. An indirect view into the technical room explains the complex system.

The second one is an app to showcase the extension of Café Ada. The finished building can be experienced and walked through by all interested parties with their own smartphone in AR in the web browser in different scales. Thus Augmented Reality can show us the real dimensions of planning in a natural environment.

The app and the preparation of the design for AR was implemented by students of the Department of Media under the supervision of Prof. Jens Herder, Dr. Eng. / Univ. of Tsukuba. The app overlays the kitchen with a 3D diagram and illustrates the energy flows of the connected appliances.