Our Concept

MIMOs extension of Cafe Ada in Wuppertal, Mirke. Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22

Sustainable living space for Wuppertal.

We propose to extend Café Ada with residential and public area. The building shall not only be the foundation for a stable community inside the house but also enrich the Mirker Quartier.

Our concept follows the motto: Minimal Impact – Maximum Output. We only want to intervene minimally, but create maximum benefit for the community.

Rendering of the MIMO concept on top of Cafe Ada in Wuppertal – SDE21/22

The key aspects of our building

Building Concept

17 modules are stacked to create 15 apartments for residents of all age groups as well as community space. People can come together on the roof terrace and plant their own vegetables. The whole structure is surrounded by a climate shell that adapts to the weather and generates energy from solar radiation.

additional floors3 floors + roof terrace
apartments15 apartments
size / apartment21.5m² – 73m² / apartment
residentsup to 33 people
Cross Section of MIMOs building including Cafe Ada in Wuppertal, Mirke. Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22


Our structure of Café Ada consists of 15 apartments for 33 residents. There are four different apartments: student apartment, double apartment, maisonette apartment and family apartment. All apartments have a balcony with either north, south or west view. A small kitchen and a laundry room are common areas. On each floor is a storage room. Every floor can be reached with an elevator.

3 × Student Apartment21.5m²11
8 × Double Apartment36.5m²21
2 × Family Apartment73.0m²31
2 × Maisonette73.0m²22
Student Apartment Isometry – MIMO
Student Apartment
Double Apartment Isometry – MIMO
Double Apartment
Family Apartment Isometry – MIMO
Family Apartment
Maisonette Isometry – MIMO

Climate Shell

The entire structure is surrounded by a climate shell consisting of vertical slats. The house is ventilated with fresh air through the slats. In addition, each slat is fitted with photovoltaic cells and thus generates sustainable energy from solar radiation.

The slats of the climate shell are movable and can be managed:

  1. The slats can move with the position of the sun.
  2. The slats can prescribe the interior airtight.
  3. The slats can be adjusted according to the need for fresh air.
The climate shell covers the entire structure on top of Café Ada.
The slats can move according to the position of the sun.
Drawing of how the MIMO climate shell adapts to the weather during a summer day.
Summer Day
Drawing of how the MIMO climate shell adapts to the weather during a summer night.
Summer Night
Drawing of how the MIMO climate shell adapts to the weather during a winter day.
Winter Day

Roof Terrace

The roof terrace is the village square of the house. This is where the residents come together. There are common areas with leisure activities as well as large beds for fresh vegetables. The benches integrated into the flowerbeds provide a green place to linger. Table tennis tables and fitness equipment invite you to exercise.

The roof terrace can be used across all seasons. On cold days, the climate shell closes and the terrace becomes a winter garden.

The roof terrace of the MIMO concept.

Urban Gardening

Plants live all over the house. They clean the air and improve the climate within the climate shell. Residents can plant their own plants and harvest fresh vegetables. The fire wall is planted as well.


Rainwater harvesting

The roof is shaped to catch rainwater and collect it in a cistern. Excess water flows into the natural pond.

Drawing of how the roof catches rainwater and lets it run off.
Drawing of how the use of rainwater in the MIMO building.