Our College’s Workshop has started manufacturing

Additionally to the manufacturing of some components of our House Demonstration Unit (HDU) which we had to outsource, we are also producing in our in-house workshop at college. A team of students from various faculties is currently working on the furniture, interior construction and outside deck with much support from the workshop team around manager Franz Klein-Wiele.

Currently we are working on the staircase as well as the deck for the roof terrace on the upper floor. In the exterior, we’re mainly using recycled materials, f.e. have we received potato boxes from a farmer in Bottrop-Kirchhellen. After some preparation, those will be transported to the nursery Leonhards in Wuppertal for plantation. The decking for the outside deck is also second-hand. We only had to remove old screws, clean it and cut it to the length required. Furthermore, we are working on the mobility box for the cargo bike which will be built with fresh spruce wood and therefore create an interaction between new and old in the outside space of the HDU.

To make sure that the technology can be installed within the very short construction phase, it was already simulated in one of our university’s laboratory. The components of the energiBUS-system could therefore already be correctly arranged and tested.

Within the next weeks we will be manufacturing the following elements: furniture for the bathroom, kitchen and the living modules, floor and wall panelling, doors, railings as well as the wooden construction for the northern wall.

Manufacturing of the mobility box in the HSD workshop