Drafts Design Challenge

Several duos from our university developed solutions for the extension of Café Ada. In the end, the draft by Patricia Keck and Alicia Hachmann was the strongest. Together in an interdisciplinary team of over 70 students and professors we are developing this draft further. It will be our submission for the SDE21/22.

Get to know our drafts:

Front view: Draft – Alex Kinzel, Lena Hille

↳Draft: Diversity

StudentsAlex Kinzel
Lena Hille

A diverse, colorful concept that brings people together: affordable living in a modern wooden modular building combined with a roof garden of the future. Residents can sustainably breed fish and meet at varied locations.

Front view: Draft –  Sonja Cieslinski, Andrea Weiner

↳Draft: Climate Envelope 1

StudentsSonja Cieslinski
Andrea Weiner

Parallel modules on three floors are accessed in the interior by a suspended staircase. The building is enclosed by a climate envelope. The roof consists of partially openable, monocrystalline glass-glass modules. There is a green fire wall in the interior facing the adjacent building.

Front view: Draft – Kim Krall, Moritz Munkel

↳Draft: Social

StudentsKim Krall
Moritz Munkel

Two uniform modules are stacked on top of each other. Offsets and rotations create spaces for access and common areas. The aim is to create a social fabric between the neighbors beyond the individual living space.

Front view: Draft – Georgina Hogrefe, Maren Leyendecker

↳Draft: Climate Envelope 2

StudentsGeorgina Hogrefe
Maren Leyendecker

A climate cover is placed around the top of the building. This is rasterized by wooden beams and can be opened and closed as required by vertical glass slats. There are no limits to the variety of residents, as there are both single and double modules that are suitable for almost every type of resident.

Front view: Draft – Jana Bauer, Isabell Szonn

↳Draft: Coexistence

StudentsJana Bauer
Isabell Szonn

Mini-modules with different arrangements per floor create exciting spaces that can be used collectively within the climate envelope. Generous communal kitchens, sports and work areas promote a stronger coexistence in the neighborhood.

Front view: Draft – Isabella Emonds, Nina Sohnemann

↳Draft: Community

StudentsIsabella Emonds
Nina Sohnemann

A roof terrace, plenty of space for community and barrier-free apartments create the basis for a strong community between the residents. The apartments offer the necessary privacy.

Front view: Draft – Patricia Keck, Alicia Hachmann

↳ Chosen Draft: Climate Shell

StudentsPatricia Keck
Alicia Hachmann

17 modules are stacked to create 15 apartments for residents of all age groups as well as community space. People can come together on the roof terrace and plant their own vegetables. The whole structure is surrounded by a climate shell that adapts to the weather and generates energy from solar radiation.

This is the draft we are developing further. Get more details in our concept.