TV-Report about our Team on WDR


The german public broadcaster WDR visited our university’s workshop for a three-minute report. The camera team spoke with our students and our workshop manager and filmed us at work in the workshop. The report was broadcast on 17.05.2022 in the news format Lokalzeit Bergisches Land.

In the report our students spoke about many aspects of our building:

»We have developed quite an ecological concept. The problem in the conventional building of bathrooms is that very often fungicides are used in the joint compounds. Silicones are also not really environmentally friendly. Aditionally, the tiles are glued together. That results in them not being recycable as you can’t separate them anymore. This is how we ended up using wood as an alternative.«

Liwia Gnoth

»Back in time furniture was made like this as there was no glue yet. In the meantime glues are primarily used. This is practically us going back to the traditional wooden constructions.«

Patricia Keck

»Our principle is to store as much as possible on a minimum amount of space so that there is enough space for communal areas.«

Elias Hoffmann

»It is very inspiring for me. […] As I am a qualified carpenter, I normally do things according to a certain scheme. And people that are not qualified in this area don’t know that scheme. They find a different way to do it.«

Franz Klein-Wiele