Exhibition of the SDE21/22 Models

The Teams meet at SDE21/22 Workshop

WDR reports about SDE21/22

Video of the Construction of our Model

Eike Musall on TV about Urban Climate

Online-Talks around Wood: Auf Holz Bauen

Deliverable #4 successfully delivered

Düsseldorf’s Mayor Keller speaks to us

We’ve built a Model of our House Concept

The Results of Stadtradeln 21

First meeting of two SDE21/22 teams

MIMO at the Student Energy Conference
of HRW

We’ve found a Place at SDE21 in Wuppertal

Team Meeting: ‹Easter-Beer›

We talk at ODH Lunchtime

Deliverable #3 successfully delivered

The Magazine Sonnen­energie writes about SDE21 and us

TV appearance on WDR by Eike Musall

Our House was selected for Living Lab NRW

Workshop: Room Comfort

Meet & Greet of the SDE21 Teams

Deliverable #2 successfully delivered

Agreement signed with the organizer of SDE21

BMWi funding application approved

Interview on SDE21

Team MIMO Workshop

Team MIMO successful in STADTRADELN

Solar Decathlon 21 postponed

Sponsors: EA.NRW & Passive­house Institute


We are online!

Deliverable #1 successfully delivered

SDE21 Virtual Workshop #1

Temporary closure of our university

HSD at Solar Decathlon Europe 21

Excursion to Wuppertal Mirke and Café Ada

We apply for the Solar Decathlon Europe 21