Team MIMO Workshop


​​After a long phase of purely digital cooperation, caused by the closure of the university in the course of the Corona Pandemic, a presence workshop in the Solar Decathlon Europe 21 project was finally held again on the campus of the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences from 23rd to 25th September 2020. Among the participants were students, employees and professors of team MIMO, as well as representatives of some partner companies, who were able to watch and discuss the presentations, partly on site, but also digitally.

The four faculties of Architecture, of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies, of Mechanical and Process Engineering as well as of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and the Institute for Sustainable Urban Development (In-LUST) are involved in the interdisciplinary team. Student support comes from the faculties of design and economics.

After a short introduction the workshop started with the technology lecture on energiBUS, an energy system for the coupling of white goods and heat supply, which was developed in the ZIES – Centre of Innovative Energy Systems of HSD and is currently being prepared for the use in a 1:1 demonstrator.

Afterwards, student teams presented the remaining seven concepts for the addition of a storey and the renovation of Café Ada in Wuppertal Mirke. In an intensive discussion of the concept contents under the direction of Prof. Dennis Mueller and Prof. Eike Musall (both from the Faculty of Architecture), the focal points for the final competition concept were highlighted. In addition to the approx. 30 students of the team, Prof. Mario Adam (ZIES), Prof. Holger Wrede (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) and Prof. Anne van Rießen (Faculty of Social Sciences and Cultural Studies) as well as several members of staff were involved.

The aim of the workshop was the concretisation of a final architectural and energy concept which, after analysis by small groups and ​team decision, now forms the basis for the competition entry and will be finalised with regard to the structural design and implementation planning of the demonstrator.

In addition to input presentations from Holzius and others, Team MIMO was inspired by the HSD’s e-Traxx team, which is also run by students, with regard to sponsoring, stamina and team spirit.

During the three-day workshop, the time was also used for a large distance team photo, sponsoring activities and public relations.

More information about the project can be found here.​