WDR reports about SDE21/22


The public german broadcaster WDR reported about the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22 in its program Lokalzeit Bergisches Land. In the report, the competition is explained, a model is shown and the competition site, the Mirker Bahnhof in Wuppertal, is presented. At the end of the 5-minute report, the project manager of the SDE21/22 Dr. Daniel Lorberg answers a few questions.

«We designed the competition to be about, what can be the model of transformation of our cities for the future that really works a lot? Not just in the Mirker Quarter, not just in Wuppertal, but in all these cities that have a comparable structure and size to Wuppertal – and that’s the vast majority of cities in Europe.»

Dr. Daniel Lorberg

The report is in German and can be viewed here.