Online-Talks around Wood: Auf Holz Bauen


On July 15, 2021, the annual forum Auf Holz Bauen (Building on Wood) will take place online. Our team member Prof. Dennis Mueller will speak about «Building sustainably with wood».

Agenda (talks in German)

13.00 Welcome
Dipl.-Ing. Lilly Kunz-Wedler | Associate Member of the Board of IngBW

13.15 Building with wood in the Middle Ages - parallels to the present day
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Burghard Lohrum | Freelance building researcher and expert for historical buildings

14.00 Building law and timber construction
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architect Ludger Dederich | Professor at the Rottenburg University of Applied Sciences

14.45 Sustainable building with wood
Prof. Dennis Alexander Mueller | Freelance Architect BDA | Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf

3.30 p.m. Fire protection in timber construction: Wood burns but still bears up
Dipl.-Ing. Peter Mutscher | Consulting Engineer

16.15 h Far more than wood instead of concrete in new buildings: The role of timber construction for the upcoming heat transition
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Frank Hettler M.Sc. | Head of ZukunftAltbau

17.00 Cradle to Cradle - a sustainable planning and building principle of the future using the example of Venlo City Hall
Leo Schouten | Strategic Advisor Gemeente Venlo

17.45 Panel discussion
Dipl.-Ing. Lilly Kunz-Wedler, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Burghard Lohrum, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Architect Ludger Dederich, Prof. Dennis Alexander Mueller, Dipl.-Ing. Peter Mutscher, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Frank Hettler M.Sc., Leo Schouten

Moderation: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Udo Kirchner

Methodology: Online live seminar with question and answer options 

Thursday, July 15, 2021, 1 – 6:30 p.m., online.

Participation free of charge

Registration: required and possible until July 15, 2021 at 12:30 pm at.