We’ve built a Model of our House Concept


We have built a model of our house on a scale of 1:100. It illustrates our concept for the Design Challenge of Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22. Whilst built with a very high level of detail, the model still focused on showcasing only the most important elements of our Design.

The model shows Café Ada in Wuppertal with our extension on top, as well as the outdoor area. Its dimensions are 80×80×40cm. The base plate is milled from solid Heinbuche wood and consists of 64 layers which are 1mm thin, and 192 sub-layers of just 0.33mm. Some of the solid wood parts of the building are 1.5mm thin and accurately fit into each other.

The model was built by Ina Ehrhardt, Vanessa Stratmann, Chiara Decher and Nina Sohnemann with fulminant support of our university’s whole model workshop. For the last three weeks before submission, the group worked full time on the model. They have done an outstanding job!

The model will be exhibited at Café Ada as well as the Solar Campus in Wuppertal.

Wood model of our housing concept for SDE21 on a scale of 1:100.