Detail presents MIMO


The german magazine DETAIL wrote about us in its online edition. In an online series DETAIL features selected projects of the Solar Decathlon Europe 21/22. Each article presents one of the teams participating in the contest. Jakob Schoofs writes about our plans for the extension of Café Ada in Wuppertal with a focus on our intelligent energy system. The article was published on November 18th, 2021.

«At the heart of the energy concept is the ‹energiBUS›, a control system that couples the photovoltaic system with a heat pump, a refrigeration and a heat storage system, and the larger household appliances in the building. The system is designed to make it possible to provide waste heat generated by the cooling of certain rooms to heat consumers such as the washing machines. This works because the washing machines, dryers and freezers are not located in the apartments but centrally and do not require their own heat pumps. In this way, the Düsseldorf team expects electricity savings of around 30% in the overall system.» (translated)